My first post

I’ve thought about writing a blog for sometime and haven’t as I’m sure no one would be interested in reading it. And then I thought why not? I won’t make anyone read it, except maybe my 92 year old self should I be fortunate enough to get there. So I am just an ordinary person with an ordinary life who just fancies writing about it.
It’s that funny time between Christmas and New Year when no one really knows what to do. I have grown to love this time as I find it the only time of the year when I can lie in and not feel guilty and do lots of reading that’s not to do with work or education. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Oh, with a little bit of washing thrown in for good luck as the laundry bag still fills up as quickly as ever.
I’ve been reading Woman and Home magazine. I subscribe to it but don’t read it as much as I should. Over the last three days I’ve read August and September and now I’m onto October! There’s been lots of articles about decluttering and making more me time which is all true and I wish I could do all that but you know? I’m just too cluttered and busy. So I thought I’d write a blog ;o)
There are some strange keys at the top of my keyboard here and I need to find out a bit more about them. I guess the help page will be a good place to go.
Off for a voyage of discovery, back soon.