A new start

Oh dear, I have not done well with this blog. I’ve thought about it quite a lot over the last year, but that’s not enough! So, I have given myself a new focus and this is what I will blog about. People talk a lot about bucket lists but that has always felt a bit fatalistic to me. Listening to the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 a little while ago, Chris talked about a woman finishing her 50 things to do before she was 50 list. I like that idea, a list to motivate and an end date that doesn’t put me in the ground! So this is my focus and my 50 things to do before I am 50. To give some perspective, in 3 weeks I will be 48 so plenty of time to do 50 things.

What are my 50 things? Some are big and some are small, some need money and others don’t. They are in no particular order and┬áhere they are…

1. Write this blog! Well, I’ve started….

2. See War of the Worlds at the O2, ok I should explain that I started this list in November so have already done a couple of things. More about this one in another post

3. Get close to the ceramic poppies….another tick, more about this later

4. Go to Harry Potter studios as a family, yet another tick and again more later

5. See the Northern Lights, we are booked to go to Iceland in January so fingers crossed!

6. Go the The Globe, I’ve walked past it but that’s it so far

7. Watch my daughter graduate, scheduled for July 2015!

8. Take a rail journey across Europe, no plans at all for this one yet

9. Own a collectible Steiff bear…. now this one I’m hoping will happen on my 50th birthday as it’s what I’ve asked my husband for my birthday. Is it ok to ask for a birthday present two years in advance?

10. Draw a Christmas card, there are so many ways of printing your own cards now that I thought it would be nice to do a drawing, scan it in then get a set printed. I’m not brilliant at drawing by any standard, but think I could come up with something simple and effective. I’ll give it a go anyway.

11. Keep running, I’ve been running for about 10 years now and while I do enjoy it (I think!) I know it would be very easy just to give up. I’ve run 3.5 miles┬átoday, although it’s cold it was lovely and bright and most of the ice has gone. I just need to keep going. I have no desire to run a marathon or any other race. I see myself as a biscuit runner. I run so I can eat biscuits.

12. Spend a weekend in Paris with my husband

13. Re-visit Belgium, I lived there as a child (from 6 to 10 years old) and would like to re-visit my old haunts. Hopefully this is on to happen in summer 2016

14. Finish my table cloth embroidery, I realise two years may sound like a long time to do this but I started it well over 4 years ago…

15. See the midnight sun, linked to the Northern Lights wish, the idea of seeing the sun at midnight is highly appealing

16. Plant a tree and watch it grow, we planted a plum tree two years ago, it produced one plum and then died. I hope to be more successful next time.

17. Walk some of the Jurassic Coast, I’d like to walk it all, but a little realism needs to creep in here

18. Go whale watching, hoping that the Iceland trip will get this one too!

19. Learn to crochet, I bought the hooks over 12 months ago…

20. Take 4 photos of the same shot in each of the seasons

21. Visit Highclere Castle, we have enjoyed watching Downton Abbey and this is where it was filmed. It’s not an easy place to get into though!

22. Find out more about my great-great-grandparents, I have some amazing old photos going back a long way but know very little about my family really

23. Finish this list!

As you can see I don’t actually have 50 things on my list just yet. I’m happy with that as I want to grow the idea over the next two years (and three weeks…) and allow the ideas to develop as life develops. It may be that some items get added to the list after I have done them. But this is my start. I shall put the list on the About me page (without the extra blurb) so I’ve got it in one place. I can now get on with doing things and writing about them.