Finish this list – number 23

Ok, I’m not going to finish the list on this post but I am going to update it and add to it. I’ve also spent some time thinking about why I’m doing this. I talked before about motivation and a focus for writing a blog but that’s not really enough. I began to wonder if it’s terribly self centred and indulgent. Or maybe it’s a chance to challenge myself and set some goals that mean I make the most of my time. I need to be realistic though, I’m not exactly what you’d call brave! And I do want this list to be doable. So I have some items to add now and will find more to add later. Some challenges that is! Anyway, if you’ve read the previous blog, you’ll know already what number 24 is…

24. Visit Iceland in late summer

25. Visit Flanders Fields – there has been so much about the First World War that it would seem wrong to go to Belgium and not visit the site of so many battles. We are scheduled to go there in 2016

26. Write a short story – 20 years or so ago I had an article published in ‘The Lady’ magazine. This was a non-fiction piece on moving house. I would like to write a fictional short story, and who knows maybe that could be published too!

27. Move the garden shed – when we moved here, the wall in the dining room was solid. We chose to put the shed in the part of the garden that the dining room wall was near and could therefore not be seen from the house. However, we decided to add some windows into the wall and now we look out of our lovely new windows onto a grotty old shed! Time for it to be somewhere else…

28. Finish Jack Vetriano puzzle – for my birthday last year I got a 1000 piece puzzle of the Singing Butler. I’ve not even finished the edgy bits yet so there’s a way to go!

29. Build a Lego Mini – a friend posted on Facebook a photo of a Lego camper van she had just completed. It looked great fun and I was inspired. I searched the Lego website and found a Mini, the car I have always wanted. The kit was bought for me for my birthday and now I’m building it. Using all 1077 pieces!

And that’s it for now. More ideas for the list in due course.


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