Visit the Eden Project – number 33


Those iconic biodomes

When we arranged out Jurassic walk I figured we were not far from the Eden Project and it would be a good opportunity to head down there. Well, I searched on Google maps and our final B&B was 111 miles from the Eden Project! Not exactly close but certainly closer than from where we live and I’d got the idea into my head by then…

So following our three days of walking we headed off to Cornwall for our next adventure. We visited the beautiful Cornish seaside town of Fowey (pronounced Foy to rhyme with Joy as it tells you in the car park). A great place to potter and wind through its narrow streets with quirky shops and places to eat. We had a very fine afternoon tea for our lunch. The climb back to the car park was quite steep which tested our already tired legs.


Spike the tea cosy!

Our B&B for the next couple of nights was interesting. We had the ‘Blue room’ where true to its name everything was blue, down to the blue plastic roses on our pillows. The owner was a little eccentric but all the more delightful for it, especially when she presented us with a tea cosy called Spike for our morning cuppa. Suitably refreshed, we took the road to the Eden Project.

There is always a worry when you finally get to go to somewhere you’ve wanted to go for a long time that the reality doesn’t quite live up to your dreams. I was delighted to find that this was not the case with the Eden Project, it was everything I hoped it would be and more. In fact, I was a little emotional when we got there and saw those iconic biodomes on a such a beautifully sunny day. Inside was just as amazing, seeing these tropical plants so close, with leaves so enormous you could use them as blankets. But it was the outside which, to my surprise, really enchanted me. I had not expected the sculptures and novelties around.


WEEE man

I particularly liked the WEEE man whose presence served to remind us all of the wasteful aspect of our lives. It seemed everywhere we turned a sculpture was hiding, all individual, made out of a variety of materials, including one made from old video tape.


A random beautiful sculpture

Ice cream was a must to complete the day but the queues were enormous. So we settled for a slightly lesser ice cream purchased from the shop to avoid standing around for ages.

The down side….well there was one. We visited the Eden Project on Thursday, the very next day, Duran Duran were playing there live for the BBC Music Day. We were missing a fab group in an even more fab location by 24 little hours! Oh well, it had still been a day worth waiting for.


We missed them by 24 hours!


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