I am an ordinary woman leading an ordinary life. This is my list of 50 things to do before I am 50. That date is 20th January 2017, between now and then I want to complete all the items on this list. And yes, that includes finishing the list!

1. Write this blog!

2. See War of the Worlds at the O2

3. Get close to the ceramic poppies

4. Go to Harry Potter studios as a family

5. See the Northern Lights

6. Go the The Globe

7. Watch my daughter graduate

8. Take a rail journey across Europe

9. Own a collectible Steiff bear

10. Draw a Christmas card

11. Keep running

12. Spend a weekend in Paris with my husband

13. Re-visit Belgium

14. Finish my table cloth embroidery

15. See the midnight sun

16. Plant a tree and watch it grow

17. Walk some of the Jurassic Coast

18. Go whale watching

19. Learn to crochet

20. Take 4 photos of the same shot in each of the seasons

21. Visit Highclere Castle

22. Find out more about my great-great-grandparents

23. Finish this list!

24. Visit Iceland in late summer

25. Visit Flanders Fields

26. Write a short story

27. Move the garden shed

28. Finish Jack Vettriano puzzle

29. Build a Lego Mini

30. Make damson jam

31. Read ‘Go set a Watchman’

32. Spontaneous mystery

33. Visit the Eden Project

34. Record memories

35. Build a snowman

36. Go to the Proms

37. 30 days of random acts of kindness

38. Go to Wimbledon

39. Learn to use a mouse left handed

40. Be a befriender

41. Get promoted

42. Write to a political prisoner

43. Read Tintin in French

44. Visit the London Dungeons

45. Go to see Tom Jones

46. Paint a canvas

47. See the inside of the Houses of Parliament

48. Take a week’s break from technology

49. Tour Arsenal football club

50. Go to a cookery class

Updated on 28th January with some extra items on the list and italicised the ones I have done and written about!

Updated on 16th August, no extra items yet!

Updated on 11th September with a few extras!

Updated on 21st August 2016 – a big break since last post but it’s now up to 50, which means I’ve ticked off number 23 as well.


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