Go to the Globe, Visit the London Dungeons, numbers 6 and 44

A trip to London saw me tick off two items from the list. The London Dungeons was not quite what I was expecting but good all the same. I was expecting dungeons, with grizzly stories of murder most horrid, treachery and other such tales.


Our trip to the Dungeons was the day after the last BBC Great British Bake Off

Now the dungeons are in their new spot, it is a tour of several hundred years of deepest darkest London. We started off in 1605, the year of the gunpowder plot. Guy Fawkes fate was sealed, but he still had a tale to tell in the form of a holographic head and the whole room shook when he let off the fireworks. We continued round, first of all heading into a lift and it was all enclosed spaces. A slightly odd choice for one who doesn’t like lifts or enclosed spaces…

Oh and the dark too, they plunged us into darkness on a number of occasions, including when questioning a witch who had freed herself and tied up her accuser while the lights were out, and in a pub a year after the last Ripper murder when the bar maid moved around and frightened the life out of those she was suddenly next to!

The end gave the choice of the ride of death (an in the dark sudden drop to simulate hanging!) or the door of freedom. I probably don’t need to tell you which I chose.

Lunch was followed by an altogether more literary visit though no less modern as we headed to the Globe Theatre.


The beautiful stage at the Globe Theatre

I hadn’t realised that it is not built on the exact location of the original though it’s not really that surprising as London has changed somewhat since the days of Shakespeare. In fact, when the Globe was originally built south of the River Thames was not part of London at all.

The tour of the Globe was fascinating, both in terms of the history of the original playhouse as well as the story of the building of the modern replica. Sam Wannamaker certainly had an amazing vision to re-create this important part of our history.

Now all I need to do is go and see a performance, but that will have to be for another time as these don’t take place in the winter months due to the open air nature of the theatre.


The ceiling of the stage depicting the signs of the Zodiac